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Karina Eyelash SPA Brush

Karina Eyelash SPA Brush
Karina Eyelash SPA Brush
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Every eyelash is spotlessly clean

The extremely fine brush is especially designed for eyelash SPA.


It is troublesome when the eyelash SPA is unable to fully clean the dirty root.

Among thick eyelashes, there is invisible dirt around the root of each eyelash. It is no wonder the eyes are always itchy.

The fashionable eyelash SPA brush is made of select extremely fine fiber, which is as soft and fine as a little lamb's fine hair. When cleaning eyelashes, you can brush them gently along the direction of their growth to reach the root and then brush away the dirt.

It not only cleans the surface of eyelashes, but also cleans the spaces between eyelashes, making them fluffy and natural and increasing the durability of eyelashes.

It works best with Karina refreshing SPA mousse.

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