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Starlight Tweezers

Starlight Tweezers
Starlight Tweezers
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Starlight Tweezers

An amazing tool for easy eyelash blooming

No more sore arms after long-term operation

The exclusive curved tweezer for high-end technicians provides precise tip engagement; it enables accurate raising of eyelashes; it makes them bloom with one push and allows easy grafting.

The exclusive patented outer edge design can create high-texture hand-made eyelash blossom of equal distance instantly.

After special treatment, the inner edge has an extremely high degree of tightness; there is no omission of even one eyelash when tweezing multiple eyelashes.

Ultra-light weight in combination with the exclusive curved angle design will lessen the wrist burden, and is especially suitable for eyelash beauticians who engage in long-term operation.

Provides the best grip point to make the tweezer stay in hand easily without slipping

It is made of high quality steel and the tip will remain sharp under normal use.

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