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Karina Starlight Glue 1 second


Glue Revolution! Revolutionized Starlight 1-Second Glue

The glue doesn’t have a pungent smell, so sensitive clients can also have a comfortable experience.

 Based on the suggestions made by many top eyelash extension specialists, we adjusted the formula and created this eyelash extension glue.

The completely adjusted thickness can help glue the extensions securely to the eyelashes. Highly adhesive and long-lasting, it presents top extension quality.

The glue no longer has a pungent smell and doesn’t irritate the eyes. It brings comfort to even the most sensitive clients. The process of applying the eyelash extensions is thus comfortable and pleasant.

It’s less thick than before, making installation much easier.

With durability increased by 60%, it can fully cover the natural eyelashes. The extensions are less likely to come off. It can serve as a secret for eyelash extension specialists to gain popularity.

After drying, the surface of the glue becomes smoother. When you are removing your makeup and rinsing your face, the eyelashes are less likely to be snagged. 

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