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Every eyelash is spotlessly clean The extremely fine brush is especially designed for eyelash SPA.   It is troublesome when the eyelash SPA is unable to fully clean the dirty root. Among thick eyelashes, there is invisible dirt around the root of each eyelash. It is no wonder the eyes are..
Remove Your Makeup with Only One Wipe Gently remove your makeup without snagging your lashes These are cotton makeup remover wipes especially designed for lash extensions. We know you worry if your eyelash extensions fall off when removing your makeup. These remover wipes are especially designed..
Give Your Eyelashes a Good and Refreshing Cleaning Only 2 minutes to make your face and the skin around your eyes feel refreshed. After applying lash extensions, have you often felt that your eyelashes are prone to collect dust and oil? Do you think blinking always brings discomfor..
Thoroughly and gently remove makeup and dirtRemoves makeup and moisturizes at the same time, leaving the skin feeling fresh and supple..
Best choice for eyelash extensions preparation! Faster! Get every last bit of your eye makeup off. The remover wipes especially designed for eyelash extension specialists make eyelash extension preparation faster and easier. It effectively removes oils and natural protein to extend the life of yo..
Cleans Thoroughly with a Mild Pleasant Scent Highly effective cleansing formula to increase durability! The remover cleans thoroughly and allows natural eyelashes and extensions to stick together perfectly. It increases the durability of eyelash extensions, enabling them to last longer. It’s ..
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