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Irreplaceable Handcrafted Workmanship

Karina Makes Your Lashes Shine like Diamonds

∣The ultimate pursuit of handcrafted workmanship∣

The founder of Karina, Karina Ho, believes that only handcrafted workmanship can truly represent top-notch boutiques. Only through refined handcrafted workmanship can the uniqueness and aesthetic value of an art piece be shown.

Handcrafted workmanship is where charm diffuses. Only through handcrafted art can we see the perfect artworks made by the masterly designers with complete dedication in the name of “beauty.” This is why we created Karina!

Therefore, we established Karina in a bid to pass on the beautiful and irreplaceable handcrafted art.

∣Exclusively Developed and Patented to Reflect Brand Expertise∣

To enhance people’s understanding about the worth of handcrafted workmanship, Karina adheres to the concept of the founder and the experts’ points of view, while listening to customers’ needs. By combining products with techniques, the brand has solely filed for patents just to help each designer show his/her professional handcraft skills.

∣The Most Rigorous Quality Control∣

To create a perfect match, premium techniques require high quality manufacturing. Each product of “Karina” has passed SGS certification to ensure safety. We insist on carrying out the most thorough tests to make sure our product quality is completely in accordance with international standards.

∣Commitment to Perfection∣

Bringing happiness to each customer is Karina’s philosophy. With excellent techniques and passion for art, we are fully committed and constantly innovate in order to provide customers with the best products, which is also the purpose for Karina.

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